The lost traveller

I am interested in the topic of “Getting Lost” as my project research. Because of my past experiences which I have travelled a lot during the past years and many moments during all
my trips, it made me realized that getting lost in places is what made the experiences memorable. The purpose of my project is to let the audience experience the feelings of getting lost surprises, positive and negative feelings the same as my travel experience stimulated me all the senses.

This experience design will mainly focus on the “ambience“ of road and train land trip, which
I created as an imitation of my way of travel.

According to my moments “getting lost“, I noticed and remembered them by light, sound, and forms. However, iI went back to the exact same place I had gotten lost, it was not the same anymore. Therefore, I learned that I would not be able to get those moments back. Nevertheless, the memory of me “getting lost“ are still in my mind. Consequently, I decided to go to random places without planning so I can get lost again. Yet, this time while I was travelling, I recorded every single moments as much as possible. Then I selected and interpreted them into the elements of light, visualized as an installation including light, sound and texture. As a result I have gotten back the feeling of getting lost with
creative process visually.