Stage part

I had design lighting position and programming with 20 of par, 2 of moving head and 5 of Siren lamp with dmx encorder. I control the visual on led in the backdrop with resolume arena 4 

I had design with my friend of the concept of selfie's people in Thailand. I use 15 of old tv and use vga spritter 1 to 8 port and then connected with camera. When people stand front of camera they can take the selfie but camera is opposite side.

Installation part

Decoration part

In this part I just play the light with structure by shadow, movement shade, etc.

Thai Lan festival

Thailan festival is the festival of Silapakorn University in Bangkok with very thai concept. In this year I have a change to design the lighting in this festival.

Directed by YIM SAMER

Edited by Khopfa Chanpensri